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Frequently asked questions

Questions about Mool? We’ve got answers.

Mool is a financial app designed to bring all aspects of your financial life in one place and help you take good actions. We are not a bank but a platform for digital financial services and advisory in partnership with an RBI licensed Bank, SEBI licensed AMCs, and IRDA licensed Insurers.

With Mool in your life, you can do more with your money.

Your Mool combined savings and investment account is your ticket to financial freedom. With no minimum balance requirement, you can use your Mool savings cum investments account to secure your life and grow your wealth.

You can automate your investments and earn anywhere between 6 to 12% returns on your money. Note, these returns are indicative, based on historical returns and not guaranteed by Mool.

Make instant payments and transfer your money across all your accounts.

What's more? You also get your very own secured Mool Secured Credit Card. Use your Mool card to withdraw cash from your nearest ATM or Mool centre and build your credit score as you pay.

Applying for your Mool savings accounts takes less than 5 minutes. No more standing in long queues and waiting for your turn. Simply download the Mool app from your mobile’s play store and open your Mool account now. If you have more doubts, please write to

Your Mool Savings Account is created with SBM bank. SBM bank follows all regulatory guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India. Rest assured, your money is safe with bank-grade security in your Mool account. In fact according to Reserve Bank Guidelines, account balances up to Rupees 5 Lakh are fully protected.

We will need your Aadhar and PAN details along with an active mobile number. One Time Passwords (OTP) will be sent to your mobile once you start creating your Mool account. We will also need some personal information like your full name, address and a few other details.

Absolutely not required. You can complete the entire KYC process by sitting at your home. Enjoy a contactless onboarding process. If you absolutely need someone to help you, please write to

All Indian residents above the age of 18 can easily open Mool accounts. What are you waiting for? Keep your Aadhar and PAN details ready and open your Mool account now.

Did you know that you can open your very own Mool savings account in 5 minutes? Just download the Mool app from the iOS app store / Google Playstore to begin your journey to financial freedom.

You can do many things with your very own Mool savings account. You can simply transfer funds from your other accounts to your Mool account or share your personal UPI ID or Mool savings account details with your employer, friends, family and ask them to digitally transfer money via IMPS or NEFT.

You can also deposit your cash with our Mool agents or at the nearest Mool cash point and have it credited to your Mool savings account. Book a time with our Mool agent to collect your cash or find your nearest Mool cash point in your Mool app and directly deposit your money there.

Absolutely yes! You can ask your employer to transfer your salary directly to your Mool savings account. Simply share your Mool savings account number, your IFSC code and your legal name according to your PAN Card.

When you open your Mool savings account, you are eligible for your very own Secured Credit card. You Mool Secured Credit Card works just like a debit or an ATM card but with the benefits of a credit card.

You can use your Mool Secured Credit Card to make purchases online or at physical shops. You can also use your card to withdraw cash from any ATM or Mool Service centres near you.

Your savings account acts as a deposit against all transactions you make using your Mool Secured Credit card. So as long as you have money in your Mool Savings Account, you are good to swipe your card for purchases, wherever and whenever you want.

Your Mool Secured Credit Card has the best features of a standard debit card and a credit card. Seems too good to be true, right?

Use your Mool Secured Credit Card to withdraw cash from the nearest ATM or Mool Service point and build your credit score with every purchase.

By building a strong credit score using your Mool Secured Credit Card, you are also on a fast track process to become eligible for personal loans- be it for your child’s education, your marriage or to buy your first house or your dream car.

You can do more with your Mool Secured Credit Card. So, start swiping your very own Mool Secured Credit Card today.

If you lose your Mool Secured Credit Card, simply open the Mool App and lock your card so that no one else can use your card.

If you are still worried, please write to

We at Mool strive to ensure that your personal data is protected and secured. We follow the highest standards of safety, security and confidentiality of your data. Please check our Privacy Policy for more details.

If you are a Mool savings cum investment account holder, our Privacy Policy applies to you. In fact, for every Mool financial product or service you use, the Privacy Policy applies to you.

Under our Privacy Policy, all forms of data collected- be it your personal information for the products or services that you use are protected. If you want to know more about this, please check our Privacy Policy.

We collect your data to provide you with customized financial products and services. Your data helps us serve your needs and aspirations better. For more details, please check our Privacy Policy.

Your data security is our highest priority. We use the best security technologies and procedures to protect the data you share with us. To know more about this, please check our Privacy Policy.

To make the most of our Mool products and services, we request that you ensure that your personal information is accurate and current. If during your lifetime, your personal data changes, please write to and our team will help you.

Your investment account works hand in hand with your savings account to give you the best of both worlds. Once you complete the risk tolerance questionnaire and assign goals for yourself we gauge your risk appetite and determine an asset allocation that suits your risk appetite.

You can invest as little as INR 500 with us and we shall put your money to work.

Your money is invested in different mutual funds that have been selected by us.

We will use a combination of Equity (both domestic and international), Debt and Gold in different combinations based on your risk profile.

You may retake the risk profiling questionnaire upto a total of 4 times in a year. We would recommend you retake the risk profiling questionnaire any time there is a change in your financial profile. If you are not content with the risk profile assigned to you, please write to us at

We have determined your allocation to the different asset classes based on the risk profile that has been assigned to you. If you would prefer a less aggressive portfolio you can change this to a lower option, if available. We will not be able to offer a more aggressive portfolio than the one suggested by your risk profile. If, however, you feel a more aggressive portfolio is required, please re-take the risk profiling questionnaire. If you still have any questions, please write to us at